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  • Organizational Change Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communications
  • Learning Development
  • Organizational Development & Culture
  • Social "Digital" Collaboration
  • Staffing & Project Management
  • Advisory Services


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At NIKI SAINT PIERRE & COMPANY we’re focused on enabling companies, projects and people to drive change for complex programs or a targeted project.  We’re flexible. We can take on the work or we can provide you consultant staff to work with you. 

You’ll know many of our clients, MillwardBrown, Pfizer, American Express, to name a few. Through our unique approach we’ve helped them deliver great things.

We put results first and our clients love us for it. We work onsite or remotely. Our consultants' dedication to client service, ability to thrive in complex and ever changing situations, strong communication skills, keen ability to solve problems, genuinely friendly and supportive service provide us a warm welcome on client engagements.

70% of change efforts fail according to recent statistics.

If you have a need, let's talk it through. 

NSP&Co. Gets the People Side Right  to make your programs mean more, accomplish objectives and become the way of life.

We accomplish this through deep functional expertise, holistic perspective and results-focused execution. 

Meet Niki

Niki St Pierre

How can we help You? 

If you're a seasoned business consulting professional  in the organizational change management, organizational development or learning development space who's been around the block and are passionate about the work you do, we'd love to hear from you!

​Send your CV and cover letter to: TALENT@NSPANDCO.COM

  1. Insights and practical experience – we’ve been there

  2. Innovative thinking – we’re not cookie cutters​
  3. Global experience working on some of the most complex issues of the fortune 1,000
  4. Unwavering commitment to client success
  5. We deliver real value – measurable results

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​​We’re here to help and we love challenges. Whether your project’s underway or just about to get started, large-scale or focused, if you need help, let’s talk it through.


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Employees are the link between a company's ambition and achievement.

We are a change enablement consulting firm using proven, impactful and measurable approaches to accelerate the pace, certainty and successful outcomes of our clients’ change programs.

We create pathways that bridge gaps by delivering key solutions with insights that engage your employees to adopt change and deliver measurably brilliant results.​

Leading Change

Bridging the Gap between Ambition and Achievement


Niki St Pierre

Niki is a dynamic, results-driven senior consultant with over 15 years experience supporting complex, multi-continent, enterprise wide change initiatives such as post-merger integrations, system implementations, and business process redesigns in the private, government, and non-profit sectors. Proven track record of delivering creative, problem-solving solutions which improved productivity, morale, customer satisfaction and strengthened financial results.

Prior to starting NSP&Co. Niki headed-up and established the Organizational Change Management Practice at Perot Systems (now DELL). During this time she directed major projects for the practice (engagements impacting 500 ��� 30,000 staff). Served as change agent, advisor, and spokesperson for practice, clients and company globally. Niki led the change management group to become the first Center of Excellence for the company. Niki began her consulting career at Accenture following business school.

Niki  holds an MBA/MPA from New York University in management among other credentials. 

Niki resides in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and son.

About NSP&Co.


We help you lead change resulting from globalization, post merger integration, IT implementations, and business process redesigns. We begin by assessing your readiness level, understand needs, risks, gaps then devise and execute organizational impact, sponsorship, communication, training and user support strategies and plans to meet your organization's specific needs and close gaps. We employ proven tactics to evaluate, measure and sustain change. We're your guide along your change journey from departure to point of arrival - helping you as you reach your vision.


We help you gain and keep momentum going for your program. Effectively engaging leaders and staff across your organization is a critical success factor that cannot be left to chance. We identify your stakeholders, determine needs in-line with your program and devise an action plan to inform, engage and empower. We execute communication and marketing plans leveraging both existing and new vehicles as project intranet sites, bulletins, town halls, video, posters, eZines, and more.


We help you up-skill your organization. We develop custom learning solutions based on sound design and adult learning principles rolled-out in the tempo your employees like to learn. We begin by understanding your skill gaps and learning needs then create learning solutions to address needs, close gaps and measure skills gained. Our learning solutions are inspiring, leverage latest technology and include e-learning, instructor-led workshops, MOOC (massive open online course for your company), webinars, and more


We help you seamlessly, and in a fun way, facilitate collaboration across your company. Why is this needed? The answer is simple - harnessing knowledge and collaborative excellence leads to greater consistency in customer experience, faster rate of problem solving and innovation.  We leverage technologies like SharePoint or Jive and make them come to life through communities to help you capture both tacit and explicit know-how helping you do what you do better, faster and more consistently wherever you operate.


We help you attain and sustain a heightened level of performance. We work with you to develop strategies to attract, develop, motivate and retain talent. Within context of a change program, we assess the impact of the change on your organization and execute plans to align your organization to your change initiative so it is effective at supporting your business post change. From an HR optimization standpoint, we help you develop a corresponding HR strategy, program and plans to enable the HR function and management to deliver the strategy to your workforce.


​We help you by providing the right resources, with the right skills and experiences at the right time. Our consulting resources provide specific support working together with your in-house team. While our project leads help you plan, manage and execute a robust program to accelerate the desired outcomes of your change program.


We help you make your change a win by providing insightful, clear, actionable advice you can depend on and avoid the pitfalls associated with change efforts. Let's talk and make a plan to address your specific needs.